Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Do you have a script, short story, essay or poem buried in your computer?

The deadlines are coming up super-quick, but you may have something that fits the bill for one of these contests or submission requests. All of these are paying markets. Isn't a chance to collect a few dollars (or more!) for your work better than your work collecting dust?

Here's the format for this list, Good Luck!
  • Deadline date
    • Quick Description of Contest or Market
    • Word count or page requirements
    • Link to site for more information on how to submit
    • Entry Fee
    • Payment or Contest Prize Range
  • 10/29/09
  • 10/30/09

  • 10/31/09
    • Script for play contest; Playwrights must be women residing in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee or Virginia.
    • full length play (80 minutes minimum)
    • http://www.womenplaywrights.com/call-for-scripts.htm
    • No Entry Fee
    •  $500 plus development/presentation of play

 If you are thinking, I would've loved writing something for these, but I didn't have the time. I'd say: that's a Valid Excuse! Keep an eye on this blog for ways to find more writing opportunities, sooner-- they are sure to help with the "I have no inspiration" excuse.


  1. wow. thanks for creating that list. must have been a lot of work. I found your blog via WOW and wanted to stop and say hello

  2. Hi Terena! Being a recovering procrastinator, I spend a bunch of time searching for things with deadlines to force myself into creating a writing schedule. I'll have more coming up in the blog itself, and I'll also be offering a monthly super-comprehesive list of markets with deadlines starting sometime in November.
    Thanks for stopping by-- I love your blogs. Glad to hear your daughter is leaning toward the gypsy for Halloween this year. That's usually what I am, since I belly dance and don't have to shop for a costume!

  3. Tina, this blog is awesome...you are so incredible! People, I know her personally and not only is she right about excuses? She is an incredibly talented writer in her own right!


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