Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mini-Scoop! Three Upcoming Writing Deadlines

If you are lucky enough to sneak away from the kitchen or the mall this Holiday-- Be Thankful you can submit your writing to one of these contests. Click on the links for more information.

Deadline 11/30/09
  • Essay contest for Family Caregivers and Home Health Professionals
  • Theme: What makes caregiving rewarding
  • 1 page essay
  • ShieldHealthCare
  • Win up to $1000 worth of AMEX gift cheques
  • No Entry Fee

  • Flash Fiction Contest
  • Open Theme
  • 250-750 words
  • WOW! Flash Fiction Contest
  • 25 total prizes-- Top Prize includes $250 cash
  • $10 entry fee
Deadline 12/1/09
These are 3 contests that could be written and edited over a few days if you really put your mind to it. I plan on submitting to at least one, how about you?

Best Wishes for you and your Writing!

P.S. These listings are just a few that are available in the monthly Scoop. This month's has listings of over 40 contests/markets requesting your writing.


  1. Tina, you said it all...if you put your mind to it. Many writers fear deadlines, get nervous and 'believe' they don't have what it takes to finish a project on time. It takes discipline, I agree, to meet deadlines but they do push your work forward.

  2. Hi Lea! Having deadlines to shoot for when I started helped me to focus (still does). Otherwise, I had a vauge notion of wanting to write "something, sometime", but I didn't have a goal to shoot for, or even a specific theme! Then I started researching places that were looking for writing, and I had tons of ideas, places to send them to, and a time frame to work on them. Some things on my list (now The Scoop I offer on my site) went out 5 months or more, and I just kept them there, even if I didn't have an idea for it right away.
    I think having a combination is helpful: projects you MUST have completed by a certain date, and those projects that will evolve in their own time. Writers just need to decide what works for them. I want writing to be my main job, so the title reinforces the need for deadlines, etc. But even as a hobby, having deadlines still can give a boost.


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