Friday, December 11, 2009

One Tweet at a Time

A quick note from the desk of the Excuse Editor:

I'm making my way around the world of social networking. My Space was left to collect dust when I discovered Facebook (I'll be announcing the Excuse Editor Fan Page soon). I even discovered the Writer's Digest Community. But it's taken a while to talk myself into 'tweeting'. Still not totally conviced, I signed up anyway. I'm certainly not a singing songbird yet, but you can find my sporadic tweets at

While navigating around the one and two liners, I came across a 'novel' idea.

Did you ever play this writing game?: Someone starts off a story with one or two sentences, and then each person in the room adds one sentence at a time. I vaguely remember enjoying this as a kid. I did this for some 5th graders when I was substitute teaching one day and they had a great time with it.

Well, I came across the Twitter account, It seems like Jeffrey is trying to play the same kind of game, but in cyberspace and on a grander scale. He hopes to get 100,000 tweets in order to complete a whole novel (I think that 100,000 is a bit much, since 100,000 words is about a 400 page book, so 100,000 tweets could be War & Peace size, or more. But still a fun idea). I was a little nostalgic for the writing games of my youth, so I played along. You can see how the story is progressing at Find out how to add your own 140 characters to this work in progress at his Twitter or his blog.

Leave a comment if you decide to join in on Tweet2Novel. Also, what other writing or word games did you like as a kid? Or even now? I still don't pass up Mad Libs on a road trip...


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  1. great idea. I'll check it out. I started tweeting in the Spring, but so far am not in love with Twitter. It just seems like a lot of people talking about themselves. "Look what I did/think/found." Kind of boring. I prefer FB and blogging for the conversation.


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