Saturday, April 24, 2010

Excuse Editor's Writing Markets List-- The Scoop

In case you missed it, The Scoop was emailed out earlier this week to all of my newsletter subscribers. There are more than 35 markets and contests--just waiting for your submissions.

Poetry, Fiction, Memoir, Scholarly, Humor... there are so many options to choose from. Shake it up--if you usually write short stories, try a personal essay. Serious poet? Laugh a little, take a stab at some humor. Taking a creative break from your norm can be a good way to shake it up; you'll feel refreshed and ready when you get back to The Writing Projects, Already in Progress.

How do you decide what to write? Do you look for a market first and fine tune it for their publication; or do you write and search for the 'perfect fit' later? Does knowing there are so many opportunities inspire you or freeze you up?

*Just a few quick notes about the newsletter/The Scoop: Make sure to add to your email list, so they don't get lost in your spam folders. If you signed up and didn't get your Scoop, let me know and I'll check on it. If you haven't signed up at all, go ahead and do it right here at

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