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Too Much on Your Plate? Get a Smaller Plate

Years ago, I attended the Titanic Exhibition. Certainly, there were many fascinating aspects of this, but a few things (in addition to the devastation of the tragedy) struck me. While looking at a large picture of the many workers who built the vessel, you could not find one overweight person. Certainly, these were men who labored all day far away from the sedentary life of a desk worker, but it still was enough of a difference between what we see now that it stuck out.

Another big difference? Plate sizes. A platter was the size of today's dinner plate. Their dinner plates were close to the size of our bread plates. I felt like I was looking at a child's tea party set, not dish-ware that people commonly used.

The implications to our waistlines aside (I'm sure there's more to our obesity crisis than plate size, although it could be a big part of the problem), what can we learn about our writing now from the recovered relics of the past?

Taking on too much , All At Once, s…