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Everybody Loves a Story

In honor of the season of things that go bump in the night, I thought I would share this video. The guy is promoting his production company, but in the meantime, he's asking the question--Is this a time traveler? The video was shot in the 1920's, but he's sure that there's someone who gets caught in the shot-- talking on a cell phone!

The fact that this video has almost a quarter million views after just 5 days proves that we are all hungry for a story.

What kind of story does this inspire for you?
Time Travel?Hoax?A commentary on the prevalence of cell phones in modern society (would viewing this footage 20 years ago had even caused a second glance?)That's the great thing about writing. You can take a mystery on and try and to solve it. You can take a common day and turn it into an adventure on the page. And, like the guy who posted this video, you can take something that has been overlooked for years and turn it into a main attraction.

Besides a fun little brea…

Reality Check: 5 Tough Truths about the Writing Life

The Writer's Life is sometimes glorified and envied by those who don't have the drive to write, or who wouldn't even consider it because they feel they are lacking some mystical factor that would allow them entry into the Writing World. Those who do venture in with unrealistic expectations (ie. "I so identify with Carrie Bradshaw--I could be a rich writer just like her!") are likely to come face to face with a "War and Peace"-sized hit of reality.

Instead of setting yourself up for failure, be aware of what it takes to be a Writer with a capital W. Here are some of the (possibly not-so-pleasant, depending on your attitude) truths about the writing life you should prepare for.

Writing is Work, A Lot of Work

I hope you are one of those writers that has copious words dripping of your fingertips and onto the awaiting screen so fast you can't keep up. If you are not, then you have the challenge of creating something out of nothing, and some days, all you a…

6 Reasons You Should be a Writer

   Many writers will say that they are driven to write, they really don't have a choice. Then there are those writers who really want to earn the title of Writer, even before they've started their first project, because the Title holds special meaning for them.

If you haven't yet, maybe it is time to look at the reasons why you should be a writer. Today, we'll start with the positive.  

You should be a Writer because (the "Pros" list):

There's Something Missing--Your Writing Fills a Gap
A popular writer's quote is, "You must write the book you want to read." You believe your writing is going to fill a void and that you have something to add to the current conversation. You begin writing to experience that creative rush, and the feeling that you are adding something new to the world.

The Benefits of Writing
Your writing will fulfill some need you have, or a few needs. Journal writing gives you an opportunity to explore your feelings, and poss…

Surviving the Cheap Seats of the Writing Journey

  Being present and allowing yourself to be fully in the moment is crucial to both life and the writing experience. I recommend coming back to that idea when you're struggling to make it to the finish line in a project. Remember: although having goals helps to guide your writing to a finished product, obsessing over what that product is going to look like when it IS finished acts as a barrier to real progress, especially when you've just begun.

Sounds like decent advice: So you try to bring yourself to the "write now" and experience the journey.

The problem: Your seat on the ride feels like coach-- or steerage.

Sure, you know you are supposed to be satisfied with that first accomplishment of your writing day: Butt in the chair. This chair is to transport you on the planned writing jaunt, and suddenly your "three-hour tour" is leaving your inspiration stranded. In your mind you're experiencing limited leg room, constant jostling caused by the passenger…