Monday, October 11, 2010

6 Reasons You Should be a Writer

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 Many writers will say that they are driven to write, they really don't have a choice. Then there are those writers who really want to earn the title of Writer, even before they've started their first project, because the Title holds special meaning for them.

If you haven't yet, maybe it is time to look at the reasons why you should be a writer. Today, we'll start with the positive.  

You should be a Writer because (the "Pros" list):

There's Something Missing--Your Writing Fills a Gap

A popular writer's quote is, "You must write the book you want to read." You believe your writing is going to fill a void and that you have something to add to the current conversation. You begin writing to experience that creative rush, and the feeling that you are adding something new to the world.

The Benefits of Writing

Your writing will fulfill some need you have, or a few needs. Journal writing gives you an opportunity to explore your feelings, and possibly help you work though a problem. Creative writing allows you to expand your mind and make possible the impossible on the page. Selling your writing gives you a financial reward for that creativity, and (fairly or not) gives legitimacy to your "Author" title.

Better than "Real" Work...

Whether you decide to write full time, part-time, or as a hobby, the time spent makes you happier than a job you have to drag yourself out of bed to do--

...And You are your own Boss

--Especially if you are deciding on your own assignments, this becomes work you "choose to do," rather than you "have to do."

Your World is your Own

As a fiction writer, you create whole worlds where what you say goes. The "laws" of reality don't even have to exist for you, if you've decided to change them on the page. As a nonfiction writer, you have the power to make your views and opinions matter. The draw to release your unique thoughts and ideas to the world is powerful, and one of the reasons many start to write. After all--

Your Writing Could Change the World

Sharing your story could help one person get through a bad day, or it could start a revolution. Decisions are made and action is taken through the process of communication. Your writing has a chance to be part of that.  

Feeling empowered? Ready to take on that Great American Novel or this century's most influential speech? That's great! Go ahead and get started.

Just stop by next time for a reality check, when I continue with the "Cons" of being a writer. (Believe me, it's better to know...)


  1. This is helpful. I know why I write, it just hard to put into words! Though I don't really feel my writing will change the world. I do have a need to write, otherwise I become frustrated and have a sense of not accomplishing something for me.

  2. I know why I write, it's because I love to do it and I'm good at it! (Maybe there's a chicken and the egg sort of thing going on here.)


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