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Elect to Vote Out Your Writing Excuses

Excuse Editor began when I stepped back and started paying attention to the dialogue going on in my own head about all things “Writing”. I was shocked at the misinformation, false conclusions, and all-or-nothing rhetoric I was feeding myself. It was like my mind was taken over by a political super-pac in an election year.  Problem was, like an ill-informed voter, I was making decisions about my writing life based on this nonsense. I had to take a critical view of all this fluff, make myself a fact checker of my own superstitions. 
And sometimes I had to laugh. Because struggling through the writing life can be full of a lot of baloney.
Bunch of Baloney Bullet Points:
Writing is a Job Killer
oFor years, I told myself that I could not write and hold a non-writing job as well.  If I held a title from 9-5, I argued with myself, that’s who I was. I couldn’t try and be something else. Writing was something I would have to do AS a job in order to be a “real writer”. oBALONEY:  The 9-5 may mak…