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Yoga & Creativity Workshop in Wichita Falls

Fueling the Creative Fire
Saturday, November 10 2:30-4:30PM
Breathe Yoga Studio 508 Indiana Street $25or $20 for Breathe Yoga Studio Class Package Holders
Do you use creativity in your daily life? Maybe you’re a writer, artist, dancer, painter, crafter, chef, designer, sculptor, musician or yogi? This workshop will blend specific yoga poses (beginner friendly!) to help move the body and mind toward new perspectives. By opening space in the body, you’re able to open up space in the mind for new possibilities.
Join us for two hours of juicy brainstorming, creativity and movement to help inspire you toward your next creative project.
Great for artists and creatives of all types. Bring a yoga mat (extras will be available at the studio) and journal, writing utensils, markers, colored pencils or whatever inspires you to create.
SPACE IS LIMITED, so reserve your spot today by email: tina (at) or ashley (at)
Payment (cash, card, check) will be taken at the door.

More Than Words

Writing is a struggle. Just because we love it doesn't mean it's always easy. We know this. There are times, however, that getting back to our writing is more difficult than others.

My friend, Paula Bruno, has been a storyteller all of her life, and has enjoyed spending time with her own words, creating fictional worlds to visit and analyze for years. But lately, she feels as if she's in a bit of a rut (although many of her recent blog posts are extremely inspired and heartfelt, in my opinion). And while I feel it's my duty to tell writers they must continue on their journeys no matter the roadblocks, the truth is, there are times when it is certainly understandable to pull over, and catch your breath.

I offer space in my blog to my fellow writers (that means you!), and Paula sent this to me when I had asked the question in our writing group about what excuses they make when it comes to writing:

I've had a rough two years.  After a year long illness, my husband, Ro…