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Lessons from Memoir Writing

Writing is always a journey. The difference between this journey and that road trip you may take this weekend is you really you can't plan out where the road will take you. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't take it.

I started an online class a few months ago to help jump-start the memoir I had been writing in my head for the last few years. Every time I would get a few scenes written, the focus would change, and I would go back to the starting line. Again. I was hoping the class would change that. It did, eventually. It would have changed it sooner if I would have allowed myself the chance to let the lessons sink in. No matter. Even the shitty first drafts will be of some use down the line, and now I have stopped crinkling the road map and throwing it under the seat of my writer's driver's seat. Instead, I've pulled over and I'm taking a good look at where I want this book to go. More details on the to come. In the meantime, at least one big lesson I'…