Wednesday, April 6, 2016

D is for Day Off

Well, that didn't take long. According to the official Blogging from A to Z schedule, the letter D was supposed to be written yesterday. But, according to my calendar, it is now April 6. Let's examine my excuses:

  1. Yesterday's plan: wake up early for one of my favorite yoga classes. It starts at 6:15 am. When I drive there in the darkness, I often think (if I'm awake enough to think, which, um, of course I am since I am driving), I am crazy for leaving the house to do this so early. By the end of the class, I feel so wonderful, I think, I was crazy for not wanting to do this. But yesterday, I woke up way too early to head out to class. As a matter of fact, I woke up around 3:30 am (I didn't go to bed until 11) and could not go back to sleep, until, of course, it was time to leave for the yoga class. So, Excuse #1: I needed sleep.
  2. Since I had to get ready for work, I didn't have time to sneak in my 15- minutes of writing if I wanted to leave the house with a fresh coat of paint on-- I mean, make-up. And I decided to flatten my already straight hair into a more pleasing different kind of straight style (If you would have told me in high school, when I cemented my bangs in hairspray and attempted to grow wings out of the sides of my head with a curling iron, that I would use something to tame my hair DOWN I would have thought you were crazy.) So, Excuse #2: Vanity.
  3. Sitting at a desk all day made me feel like a slug, so I headed to the yoga studio for a class right after work. Of course, I felt wonderful at the end of the class, even though the instructor put us through some pretty intense core and leg work. I also felt hungry. I had texted a grocery list to my wonderful husband so I would have all the ingredients for a good dinner (penne with chicken, kale and feta). He was also mowing the yard when I got home. So after a quick shower, I cooked. Then, we ate and spent some quality time together, if you know what I mean... Yes, we caught up on our DVR shows. So, Excuse #3: Happy Marriage.
That's it. I will attempt to catch up later tonight. After work, doctor's appointment, cooking dinner, preparing for my weekend trip (oh, those should be some interesting posts.) I know these are pretty lame excuses for not finishing a 15-minute writing "assignment." I am Facebook friends with writers who have to do all that I do, PLUS have children. And they have written books-- with an S-- multiple books. I will get out of my own way and move forward with this challenge. Starting... NOW! (OK, not NOW NOW, I really have to get to the 'D is for Day Job' but my intention is there, I promise). 

Thanks for stopping by!


Letter Schedule [2016]

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