Saturday, April 9, 2016

H is for Huzzah!

I am (attempting) to write this post on my iPad from a hotel room in Waxahachie, Texas. Today was the opening day of the Scarborough Renaissance (thanks spell check) Festival. A few girlfriends and I donned our garb (or in my case, clothing that kinda-sorta resembles peasant wear from the era) before the sun was up in order to make it to the parking lot to hear the opening canon. 

Although I have visited for the past 6 years or so, I can't say I'm getting much better at remembering the history (now, what's the story with this king again?) or knowing exactly what kind of character I'm trying to represent, if anything. I enjoy visiting the shows, like the Motely Players--a comedy improv group. I like them so much I decided to give it a shot myself when I had the chance. The bagpipes and drums from Tartanic always make me feel like I really am visiting another time.

And then there are days like today, where plans to visit the shows are thwarted by the crazy Texas weather. We had a nice morning, though. We wandered the shops, met up with friends, went to a beer tasting, and had a fabulous lunch. The forecast had given us a 15% chance of rain, so when it stared to sprinkle, we weren't too surprised. We thought it would pass soon. We were overly optimistic. 

The temperature dropped and the rain became heavier. We stayed in one of the covered pubs for a while, when it seemed that the worst had passed. Nope. As we made our way to the Final Pub Sing area, it became more uncomfortable. We never leave before pub sing. Well, except for the final day last year, when the rain and wind were not just uncomfortable, it was downright scary. 

Tornado warning. They closed the faire down and the hardcore that were still left (in the hundreds) made their way to the mud pit of a parking lot. Nobody could go anywhere, even if their cars weren't stuck in the mud. There had been a bad accident on the only road out. We were all stuck in our cars, watching the torrential rain out the windows, hoping that a rain-wrapped tornado was hiding somewhere. 

When the rain started coming down today, I know I wasn't the only one having flashbacks! So, we started this faire season  similar to how we ended the last, leaving prior to Pub Sing, and grateful to arrive at our warm and dry hotel. We were also happy that Mr. Jim's delivers.


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  1. I love Ren Faires. My friend is a seamstress and makes costumes for her, her husband and myself. We have a great time and I know a few other friends who all dress up. One of the things we want to do one year is the pub crawl. But you have to book that in advance because there is only one for the day and that fills up fast. We want to do so this year. But our Ren-Faire season doesn't start for a few months yet. Huzzah to you.


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