Tuesday, April 12, 2016

J is for Just Write

Just write. That's all you have to do for this challenge. It's as easy and as hard as that, always. I'm cramming this week' posts into one morning of typing because I couldn't "find the time" to do them all week. Yes, I know. "Excuses."

I got back from my Ren Faire trip on Monday, and made it to a previously scheduled chiropractor appointment. I had quit going to the chiropractor a while back (ha, back) because I was feeling better. I had also had physical therapy, so I knew the exercises I had to do to keep my back  in shape. But a few weeks ago, in a Zumba class, I twisted in an odd way (not just the standard odd way I move around in Zumba--and, I was not wearing good shoes for Zumba dance) and felt my back go all out of whack. I figured I could "shake it off" as Taylor says, and maybe even twist it back the way it's supposed to go once I shimmied in the other direction. 


So I rested, keeping my workouts low-impact and resting and icing. Right before my trip, I decided it was time to go back to the chiropractor. The day after the first adjustment, I already felt 90%. Of course, walking the Faire grounds for hours a day didn't really help, so I was feeling it a bit when I went back Monday. So, it's going to take a few weeks, and then I will go on a maintenance program so my back doesn't forget again where all its parts go. 

I suppose that's the same with getting back into the flow with this writing thing. I had been on a pretty good course getting through that "muddy middle" of my memoir, and when I took a few days off I figured it was fine, I knew how to do this, I would get back to it and the words would flow. A few days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into a few months. And coming back is a little like getting adjusted. I have to press myself to do it, deal with the shock for a bit, and realize if I don't maintain, I will be back in the same mess I was before. 

My time is up. Grateful for bloggers back-dating function;) Thanks to those who have commented. Looking forward to catching up on your A-to-Z challenge blogs later today.


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