Wednesday, April 13, 2016

K is for Keurig

Before I moved to Texas,  I had given away my coffee maker. I wasn't drinking much coffee at home, only a cup or two at work (the beans were freshly ground and brewed one cup at a time--fabulous). Besides, the guy I was going to be moving in with (my now husband) wasn't a coffee drinker, and all I had was an old, 8-cup coffee maker. I needed to get rid of many things (read: I didn't want to pack all the things). 

The coffee maker made a new home with somebody I found on Craigslist (I was a big fan of the site, having met my new-boyfriend-now-husband there, and then posting an ad my man created on there that ended up helping to sell my condo so I could move). The post had read that the man was down on his luck and he needed some things, including a bed, for his 10-year old son who was coming to live with him. I had to get rid of a bed, and a little breakfast table, and a few other things. When he stopped by to pick up the twin mattress and box-spring, I asked if he would also like the coffee maker. The man almost cried he was so grateful. I guess coffee at home wasn't a luxury he could afford just then. So, what I though of as a used-up coffee maker found a good home for the rest of its days. 

In Texas, I worked from home. After a while, I started missing my morning coffee. I purchased some instant coffee. I'm not sure if they still sell them, but Folgers used to have tea bags filled with coffee, so I could make a cup at a time. It was nice, but, didn't seem the same. 

Around the same time, Keurig's were gaining in popularity. I thought they were too pricey, but when I visited someone with one, I loved the convenience and all the different coffees. One year, during Christmas shopping season, I went out to purchase one on sale. A few friends came along, one who had a Keurig at home. 

She helped me weigh the pros and cons of the machine. I began a little cost analysis in my head. Was it worth it to me to pay that much per cup of coffee, even if I was getting the machine on sale? At the end of the day, I decided to buy an extremely inexpensive (especially since I came with a $10 discount card for the store) 4-cup coffee maker and purchased some gourmet coffee for it instead. Of course, I could have purchased the Keurig, and still purchase the gourmet coffee-- and THEN purchase the filter for the machine that uses regular coffee-- but WHY? Just keep it simple!

I returned to enjoying my one or two cup a day habit. My husband still wasn't a fan of coffee, but saw how I  was. The next Christmas, I received a brand new Keurig. 

This wouldn't be the first time a gift from my husband has turned me on to a new technology. I never wanted to bother with learning how to download music. Then he bought me my first i-pod. I said I would never give up reading a "real book." He bought me my first Kindle. I'm still hooked (a lot safer to be an e-book hoarder than a physical book hoarder. And, less to dust.).

Of course, I had a fresh new bag of a gourmet mocha coffee to finish. I put my little 4-cup machine away and purchased the single-use filter for the new machine. Eventually, I started to buy the single-serve pods, and really enjoyed it. Since it also makes hot chocolate and other hot drinks, my husband used it a bit as well, but still wasn't into the coffee.  Until...

We popped into a little coffee shop in Ventura while on vacation. I talked him into trying one of the flavored lattes. He loved it. Back at home, he was disappointed to find that coffee didn't come out of our machine tasting like the blended recipes we had at the shop. 

"But it says mocha on the label," he complained, "Why doesn't it taste the same," I added sugar and cream and he liked it okay, but still wasn't convinced. 

I'm a member of an online wellness club that sells vitamins, snacks, cleaning products, etc. This year, they introduced coffee, including organic coffee and including Keurig single serve pods. I really liked it (and I like that I could get it delivered with my monthly shipment of other stuff) and my husband and I really liked the Luxe Vanilla Cappuccino. So, after many years, I'm sharing the coffee maker. Now, the club also sells bagged coffee, and for some reason, the Hazelnut is not in the single serving pods, so I ordered a bag, and started using the little filter again. Today, I knew I was going to have more than one cup, so rather than putting it in the filter and dumping and refilling (which is kind of a pain), I dug my 4-cup coffee maker out.

Now, the first pot was a little strong. I'm out of practice and forgot the ratio. But the little pot has a place on the counter for now. At least until next week, when I get more Luxe Vanilla Cappuccino. 

(Side note: yes, I know those little cups are crappy for the environment. This is a personal blog post, as such, I'm exposing yet another of my weaknesses. Be gentle.)

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