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Fall and new beginnings

First Monday in October

Starting over, again.When I started this blog in 2009, it was part of an overall plan to help writers in order to help myself. Excuse Editor emerged from the idea that I wanted to write, but always came up with reasons--excuses-- why I could not write. Not right NOW. 
So, I wrote about reasons why right now WAS the time to write. I gave suggestions about setting up writing schedules, about sneaking your writing time in, about diving in without thinking about the end result, and about ways to free your mind. Sometimes, I even took my own advice. But, like an addict, I would return to the comfortable numbness of the excuses: I need to focus on my work. I have to make sure my house is in order. I deserve a vacation. Or two.
In between these relapses of Excuse Making, I continued to chip away at my work, mostly a memoir that I didn't think would open up so many raw feelings within me. After all, I was writing about stuff 20 and 30 years in the past. As far as roug…