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Writing Challenges

Challenges seem to work for me in different areas of my life. I've recently been involved in DietBets and StepBets and both of them kept me moving. So, it's time for another writing challenge! Or two. I've been getting some writing done, but my plan is to double my output. The more I get written, the closer I will be to the editing stage, so I can get more out there.

I'll be participating in 2 challenges. First, the A to Z challenge. I attempted this last year and most of the alphabet got left behind. There's nowhere to go but up! These will be short blog posts, published here. Broadly, they will be about the writing life, and when it makes sense, I'll write specifically about what it's like to write memoir. My plan is that these posts will either be a warm up for the day's writing, or a reflection of what I wrote for the other challenge that day.

The next challenge is more of a "retreat," but instead of heading down the road to Oklahoma, I'…

All writers are supermodels

Beverage. Check.(Lemonade.) Writing background music. Check.(Study on Spotify)  Time. Check. (Good in-between time of not hungry and time to start dinner.) Writing prompt. Check. (Blog about last weekend's writing retreat.)
Great! Everything I need. Plus: Excuse to procrastinate. Check. (My blog layout is ugly and outdated.) (Ugh!)
I know what this is. Procrastination is Perfectionism. And Perfection is a big fat lie, kind of like the "thigh-gap" or "invisible pores." Sure, there may be a few women out there who really look like the images we see in the magazines, but most of the time, the pictures we see are the gift of photo-shop artists.
Like the magazine model who prepares for a shoot by dieting, working out, and buffing her skin with a sander, I prepared for my writing time by mixing up my drink, clicking on my music, and sitting down. That's all we both need, right? The muse will come to me and I will peck away at the keys, creating a fantastic piece…